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If there has ever been a time that training the next generation of journalists is of vital importance, we are living in it. In the face of Fake News, increasing public suspicion and shrinking revenue, it’s truly a brave and worthwhile decision to pursue a career in journalism in 2018.

College Media Network is a digital news organization that provides the platform for the media leaders of tomorrow to get the experience they need today, led by experienced journalists with decades of experience.

We emphasize consistent, helpful feedback, skill development in areas that will make a difference in the ultra-competitive world of digital media, and frequent and open communication. We aim to be the intangible that connects what students learn in the classroom to what they are expected to do on their first day at a media company.

Our go-at-your-own-pace program provides students with the goal of a successful career in journalism, digital media, communication or public relations the opportunity to get the experience that makes a meaningful impression on hiring managers.

That’s why we want students to invest in the education, training, and community that CMN provides: making a commitment to improvement ensures a better outcome for everyone.

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