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CMN Courses

College Media Network offers experiential learning courses that get to the heart of education: hands on, direct and focused on the skills you need to transition into the professional world.

Our current offerings: 

The Music Journalism Course 

This 8-week course has been carefully designed for those who want to learn what it really takes to get paid to write about music. 

You will get published clips that will be evaluated and edited by an instructor with 20+ years of music journalism experience, who will work with you to identify your strengths and develop them.

]You will take part in eight exclusive Q&A networking sessions with professionals in the field. You will have a dedicated author page where all of your work will be permanently displayed in one place, receive an official certificate from CMN, and the chance to build your portfolio on CMN for as long as you wish. 

The CMN staff will also work with you find paid writing gigs, internships in the music business, and professional opportunities. You will also have the opportunity to participate in CMN’s music podcast. 

Learn more and register here. 

The Podcasting Course 

An 8-week course that will outline the basics of podcasting, from recording setups to interviewing techniques to getting your show onto major distribution platforms.

Ideal for those who are looking to start and launch a podcast of their own — or those who want to add podcasting to their digital skill set — think of it as Podcasting 101 and 102 combined. After eight weeks, you’ll have the skills to conquer to iTunes charts.

Participants will use CMN’s digital platform to hone their skills and will develop, launch, and fine-tune podcasts related to our music and sports courses, with an emphasis on hands-on learning. The course is entirely virtual and can be completed from any location.

Included in the course are six exclusive conferences with podcasters, who will share best practices and stories from their own journeys in podcasting.

Learn more and register here. 

The Sportswriting Course 

An 8-week course focused on enhancing your reporting, interviewing and information gathering skills as they specifically relate to the modern sports landscape. Participants will have the opportunity to publish on CMN’s platform, build a multimedia portfolio, and develop your social media reporting skills.

The goal of the course is to combine your passion for sports and your writing skills and specifically tailor them to the sports you are most interested in covering.

This course provides the ideal hands-on experience that separate you from the multitudes of sports journalism majors, while giving you an opportunity to network and learn from peers who share the same drive and passion to succeed in the ultra-competitive world of sports journalism.

Learn more and register here.