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College Media Network Job Descriptions

The following are general position descriptions for College Media Network. Keep in mind that CMN is an open platform and by no means does this list cover the range of possibilities for student journalists. It is provided as a general guideline.


Create stories based on trending news topics.  Thoughtful, student-oriented and accurate. Enthusiasm valued over experience, but those who follow the news on a daily basis will have a distinct advantage. 
Time commitment: minimum four hours per week.

Digital producer

During a two-hour shift that fits the student’s schedule, monitor trends and create news briefs, using text, video social and multimedia to quickly and accurately convey trending news stories. Digital Producers will also edit and publish other student’s content, write social media posts and lead coverage during breaking news situations.
Time commitment: minimum 2 hours per week, ideally four-to-six hours per week.

Social media producer

Plan, create, schedule and deploy content across College Media Network’s four existing social presences — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Conceive, plan and execute news coverage using options available on each platform.
Time commitment: minimum three hours per week.

Video team

Students will create video reports that are student-oriented and informative, with a focus on communicating complex information, driving engagement and fostering discussion. Video will be deployed in story packages and as stand-alone reports. Opportunities for on camera, behind the camera, editing and strategic planning. Some experience required.
Time commitment: minimum four hours per week.

Audio team

Students will conceive, plan, record and produce a variety of podcasts and audio excerpts, as recurring audio series and as a part of story packages and news briefs. Enthusiasm valued over experience. Basic training will be offered.
Time commitment: minimum four hours per week.


Ideal position for a photographer seeking more exposure for their work and a national audience. Students will provide dynamic, original photography for news stories as well as contribute to a library of images. Equipment required. 
Time commitment: minimum two hours per week.

Visual editor

Ensure that CMN content meets the highest-possible visual standards. Update and improve images associated with published work, ensuring proper publishing, copyright and crediting procedures are followed. Strategic planning for visual elements across the platform.
Time commitment: minimum four hours per week.


• If you have specific questions about CMN or would like more information, email our Executive Editor.