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CMN team member Tamia Heard, a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Anyone who has lived through the past two years in America should have a renewed appreciation for the vital role a free and open press plays in our society. Journalists are increasingly scrutinized, criticized and questioned — and even gunned down in their own newsrooms — yet as our country continues to fracture along political and social lines, the work of our media is more important than ever.

That’s why College Media Network (CMN) is dedicated to supporting those brave students who have made the decision to forge a career in journalism.

CMN is dedicated to creating serious, thoughtful multi-media coverage of news, technology, entertainment and social issues created for college students, by college students. CMN seeks to create a platform on which aspiring journalists and others committed to changing the landscape of digital media can create, network, hone their storytelling skills and get the hands-on, real time training you can’t replicate in the classroom.

We have built a virtual, national newsroom that allows students to contribute and collaborate from their campus, home, or anywhere in the world. Our program is designed to fit into a busy student schedule, so it’s easy to balance their time with CMN with classes, jobs or internships.

We humbly ask that you contribute a small amount each month to CMN to keep our mission of educating the next generation of journalists alive. Consider this:

At the end of last year, The Wall Street Journal estimated that the average cost of a latte at Starbucks was $3.45, while in April, Variety reported that the average cost of a movie ticket was $9.16. Donating either of those seemingly insignificant amounts each month will make a huge impact on the future of journalism.

100 percent of your donation goes to fund the small editorial staff and basic tools that CMN uses to support these talented young journalists. Please consider supporting our mission by allowing our team to focus on what we do best. The future of journalism depends on it.

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