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FAQ: CMN Music Journalism Course

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about CMN’s Music Journalism Course. This is an ongoing list, added to as new questions and answers warrant inclusion. 

Do I need any previous music writing experience to take this course? 

No. The only requirements are a basic understanding of how to put a sentence together (this is not a basic writing course) and a passion for music (this is not a basic music appreciation course). CMN’s course works to combine your passion for music and your existing writing skills. 

Why do you charge a fee for this course? 

The course is designed to create a professional writing portfolio of at least 16 clips that you will use as a launching pad for your music writing endeavors. We want that portfolio — and the website it lives on — to be ad-free. Therefore, we charge a course fee to ensure we never have to answer to advertisers, sponsors or corporate interests. We also have a number of expenses in order to keep CMN viable, including digital platform fees and compensation for our staff. We have throughly measured our fee against universities, professional development programs and online courses, and feel it is an excellent value. 

Can I work at my own pace in this course or do I have to follow a set schedule? 

Each participant is required to complete 16 assignments in order to earn the CMN Certificate of Completion, but they do not have to be done in strict order. Each participant will work with the instructor to develop a pace and plan that best fits their schedule, approach and needs. Many participants in the course are working or studying full-time, while others are pursuing a degree and working. 

Will you help me find work after I have completed the course? 

Yes. In addition to the networking opportunities within the course, CMN’s staff will help you connect with editors, publications and other other outlets to get your music writing career off the ground. Multiple course participants have secured work after earning their certificate. 

Do I need any special skills to participate in CMN’s music podcast? 

The only requirement is a passion for music. Instruction and training are provided for all other aspects of the podcast. 

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