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The Basics of Podcasting

CMN Executive Editor and Washington Post Contributing Writer
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The Podcasting Course is an 8-week course that will provide hands-on training with the fundamentals of podcasting, from the recording set up process to interviewing techniques to getting a podcast onto major distribution platforms.

This course is ideal for those who are looking to get into the business of podcasting, whether your interest is to start and launch a podcast of your own or add podcasting to your digital media marketing skill set — think of it as Podcasting 101 and 102 combined.  After eight weeks, you’ll have the skills to conquer the iTunes charts.

Participants in the Podcasting Course will use CMN’s digital publishing platform to hone your skills and develop, launch, and fine-tune podcast episodes, with an emphasis on hands-on learning.  This course is entirely virtual and can be completed from any location.

Included in the course are six exclusive conferences with podcasters, who will share best practices and stories from their own journeys in podcasting.


  • Which equipment and software you need to get started in podcasting
  • How to conceive a great podcast idea — and make it stand out
  • How to record the best-sounding podcast possible
  • Best practices for editing a podcast
  • How to get your podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher and other major distribution platforms
  • How to respond, engage with and encourage audience growth
  • Best practices for monetizing your podcast, through advertising and crowdfunding


  • Experience in recording, editing, promoting and distributing a podcast
  • Opportunities to work on different aspects of a podcast to determine your best fit
  • A chance to network, exchange ideas and brainstorm with other aspiring podcasters
  • An official Certificate of course completion from CMN
  • Support from the CMN staff to launch your own podcast or get started in the industry, customized for you


  • Work on developing and launching two original podcasts for College Media Network
  • Conceive, record, edit and distribute original podcasts for CMN
  • Participate in six one-hour video conferences with podcasters (at a time mutually convenient for all participants)


$500. A $100 deposit, which is applied to the cost of the course, is required to reserve your seat. Enrollment is limited.


If you are enrolled in a college or university and can get academic credit for this course, the CMN team will work with you to complete the required paperwork and evaluations Full details on college credit can be found here.


Patrick Foster is the Executive Editor of College Media Network, and a journalist and podcaster with over 20 years of professional experience. He co-hosted a music podcast for USA TODAY and co-founded and launched Rockin’ the Suburbs, an independent podcast that has reached listeners around the world.

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