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We Asked Two Experts How to Actually Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

And their answers make so much sense.



Sullivan Matheson (left) and Matt Cassar (Image: Sullivan Mattheson)

Long-distance relationships may just be the worst thing in the world. Seriously, have you ever heard someone promoting long-distance relationships or say, “Oh, they’re a piece of cake you’re gonna love it”? No, of course not.

Los Angeles resident Sullivan Matheson met her boyfriend Matt Cassar eight years ago in high school. After college graduation in 2013, they went long distance because Cassar enlisted in the Marines. They have been together long distance for four and a half years.

Matheson, now 22, explained that it has been a rollercoaster experience, but feels the couple are in the best place they have ever been.

Relationship expert Terri Orbuch says many couples try to make long distance work, but not all succeed. So we asked both her and Matheson how to best make this challenging situation work.

Make an arrangement

The first things a couple needs to figure out is if long distance is something they really want to do. Matheson says long distance doesn’t always work because it isn’t taken seriously. It’s hard choice to make, and the couple has to be willing to work as a team. Orbuch says setting ground rules can couples meet expectations.

Be transparent about your feelings and remain open. That way you’re on the same page, and you aren’t closing yourself off if you are feeling lonely, frustrated or sad.

“Sit down together and set parameters. Make an arrangement,” Orbuch said. “How often will you talk to each other? How often will you see each other? Basically, how will it all play out? If one person says we will talk every day and visit every month, and the other says to meet every other, that will be frustrating.”

Create checkpoints

Not knowing when you will see your significant other next can harm a relationship. Plan out the next time you’ll see or hear from them. Matheson said that she and Cassar talked to each other at least once a week while he was training so they could catch up. Sending packages to each other also helped. If you are able, use technology as a helper in the relationship. Orbuch thinks creating frequent and constant contact regardless of time zones can help a relationship immensely.

“Try Skype, phone calls, Face Time, emailing and texting,” says Matheson. “What we know in relationships is to share daily experiences with each other. Share the little things as well as the big moments. Don’t just mention the big meeting or the test you took. Talk about the leaves changing or the person you ran into at the coffee shop.”

Maintain open communication and trust

Any relationship without trust will not last, and the same rule applies for long distance. Let your significant other know what is running through your mind. Good or bad, it will be resolved if you talk it out together.

“Don’t keep secrets,” Orbuch urged. “Be transparent about your feelings and remain open. That way you’re on the same page, and you aren’t closing yourself off if you are feeling lonely, frustrated or sad.”

Avoid letting the peeves get to you

“My biggest peeve is when people complain about not seeing their boyfriend for a week,” Matheson said. “I’m like, don’t even start with me. Try seven months without seeing him and not always knowing where he is. Then come talk to me.”

If friends, loved ones and even strangers show interest to your relationship, take their words lightly. Orbuch says it is very common for those in long distance relationships to hear questions such as, “Isn’t it hard being in a relationship?” or “Are you sad that you’re not with them all the time?” Orbuch said not to let the little struggles eat away at the happiness.

“You need to find the positives and strengthen what is good,” Orbuch said. “Don’t let stresses overwhelm you. You want to view the LDR in a positive way. The independence may be helping you in school or in a career. Frame the conversations to see the positive and the benefits.”

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