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2018 Midterms1 week ago

Libertarian Socialists Organize Online Within the Libertarian Party

A unique faction in a historically capitalist party.

by , The Catholic American University
Government1 week ago

Analysis: Sweden’s Far-Right Nationalists Gain Seats in National Elections

Stockholm is about to get more representation from the Nordic country's far-right.

by , The Catholic American University
Cup of coffee Cup of coffee
Food2 weeks ago

South Korean Bans the Sale of Coffee in All of its Schools Nationwide

The Republic of Korea is ditching caffeine at its own places of learning.

by , The Catholic American University
Equality3 weeks ago

California Will Eliminate Its Cash Bail System to Reform Criminal Justice

The Golden State is set to abolish financial barriers in its criminal justice system.

by , The Catholic American University
2018 Midterms3 weeks ago

New Opinion Polling Shows Majority Support for Progressive Polices

Both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans are becoming very supportive of progressive policies.

by , The Catholic American University
Campus Crime4 weeks ago

Seven Arrested in Protests Over Removal of “Silent Sam” at UNC Chapel Hill

Protests over the removal of a confederate statue at UNC Chapel Hill on Monday come to a head this Saturday.

by , College of Charleston
John McCain in Albuquerque John McCain in Albuquerque
Politics4 weeks ago

Sen. John McCain Passes Away After Discontinuing Treatment for Brain Cancer

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, cancer is a painful battle that no one should have to...

by , CMN Weekend Editor


Equality3 days ago

Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals Casts Female Performers for the First Time Ever

The nation’s oldest collegiate theatrical organization has officially cast six women to perform in next year’s show after 174 years...

by , CMN Senior Correspondent
Equality2 weeks ago

Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ Ads Featuring Colin Kaepernick are (Literally) Under Fire

Controversial former NFL quarterback fires up a boycott of Nike brand, pun intended.

by , Cal Poly SLO
Equality4 weeks ago

Viewpoint: Colts Announcer Lamey’s Retirement Didn’t Solve Much

Is free speech an illusion?

by , Fisher College
Equality1 month ago

Christine Hallquist Historic Win for Vermont’s Democratic Gubernatorial Race

Hallquist will face incumbent Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, in November.

by , CMN Senior Correspondent
Art1 month ago

Review: In ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ Legendary Director Spike Lee Wakes up America

A film that hits the country's heart, mind, gut, and soul on race.

by , The Catholic American University
Equality1 month ago

‘Unite the Right 2’ Plans Rally Outside the White House

One year after the race-fueled violence in Charlottesville, Va. -- white supremacists' are producing an encore.

by , American University
Equality1 month ago

Lesbian Teacher Barred from Classroom after Accused of Spreading “Homosexual Agenda”

In case you didn't know, dressing up as Dory and Nemo is a "lesbian thing" to do.

by , CMN Weekend Editor
Equality1 month ago

Uber Says Its Drivers Can Deny Service to White Supremacists

What's worse, the fact that these people are not afraid to rally or that this is the second rally?

by , CMN Weekend Editor
Entertainment1 month ago

Ruby Rose Cast as Batwoman on The CW

A sensitive pick for the new role.

Equality1 month ago

Brawl in Brooklyn Nail Salon Sparks Racial Tensions

A bad eyebrow waxing turns into a racial dispute.

by , Cal Poly SLO