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Environment3 days ago

Ireland Will Become the First Country in the World to Divest from Fossil Fuel Energy

The Republic of Ireland will divest from non-renewables in the wake of climate change.

by , The Catholic American University
Politics4 days ago

Ireland Is Closer Than Ever to Economically Boycotting Israel

The Irish Parliament may boycott goods and services from the Israeli settlements occupying Palestine.

by , The Catholic American University
2018 Midterms4 days ago

Nationwide Electoral Reform Efforts Gain Momentum as Support for Ranked Choice Voting Grows

States like Massachusetts are considering ranked choice voting in order to increase electoral diversity.

by , The Catholic American University
2018 Midterms4 days ago

‘Sex and the City’ Star Cynthia Nixon Comes out as a Democratic Socialist

The Tony, Grammy, and Emmy award-winning actress further went politically left.

by , The Catholic American University
Government5 days ago

Israel May Become the First Country in the Middle East to Decriminalize Cannabis

The Jewish state is seriously considering the decriminalization of the substance.

by , The Catholic American University
Government7 days ago

The Week in White House Drama – Pruitt Exits, Shine Enters

The highest class of Americans.

by , Centre College
Politics1 week ago

Petition Urges end to Northeastern University’s Million Dollar Contract With ICE

Would abolishing ICE reform the immigration system?

by , Trinity College


Equality2 days ago

Does Thinking You Look Fat Affect how Much Money You Earn?

A better understanding of gender differences in weight perception might help explain the persistent gender wage gap.

Equality3 days ago

Department of Justice Reopens Investigation Into Emmett Till Case

New information arises in the case that shed light on racial violence and inspired the civil rights movement.

by , American University
Animals6 days ago

JetBlue Airways Saves a Four-Legged Life

Renaud Fenster treated the dog as a passenger and he resultantly saved a very special life.

by , University of Kentucky
Equality1 week ago

Sex and Gender Diversity is Growing Across the US

Is human anatomy, physiology or culture behind the rapid demographic sex and gender changes in our society?

Equality1 week ago

Viewpoint: The Problem With ‘Coming Out’

Why this rite of passage for LGBTQ folx may need to be revisited.

by , University of California, Santa Cruz
Equality1 week ago

Statue of Liberty Climber Pleads Not Guilty After Immigration Protest

A woman climbed the base of the Statue of Liberty on the Fourth of July to protest migrant family separations

by , American University
Education2 weeks ago

Mentorship Coordinator Serves Virginia Community 400 Children at a Time

A CMN exclusive interview with the fearless coordinator of The Carver Promise.

by , Virginia Commonwealth University
Equality2 weeks ago

Justice Kennedy’s LGBTQ Legacy may be Short-Lived

Will Kennedy’s retirement halt the progress the LGBTQ movement has made in the last decade?

Equality2 weeks ago

Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill to Allow Gender ‘X’ on State Identification Cards

If passed by the house, it is set to go into effect November 1st.

by , CMN Senior Correspondent
Campus Crime3 weeks ago

Racist Messages from ‘The Cocaine Cowboy’ Could End a Texas Tech Fraternity

Kyle shared his real feelings about illegal immigrants with his fraternity brothers.

by , University of Kentucky