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The Basics of Music Journalism

Patrick Foster
CMN Executive Editor and Washington Post Contributing Writer
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“I honestly learned more in this course than I did in all my English and writing classes at college.” 

— Dominique Dungo, recent CMN Music Journalism Course Participant 

This 8-week course is designed for beginning and aspiring music journalists and is based on experiential learning: developing your writing skills and critical voice by practicing them.

You will get published clips that will be evaluated and edited by an instructor with 20+ years of music journalism experience. Our instructor will work with you to identify your strengths and develop them. In the process you will build a digital portfolio of 16 clips and have the opportunity to learn from professionals currently working in the business, from critics to PR professionals. 


  • How to craft a thoughtful, insightful review and develop a strong personal voice
  • How to accurately identify genres and musical elements within recorded music, as well as how to work them into your writing
  • How to draw connections between artists, musical eras and genres, and incorporate them into your writing 
  • The art of writing a successful live review 
  • How to write a sharp, balanced artist profile
  • Best practices for interviewing 


  • Detailed, personally crafted feedback on your writing, with the goal of developing solid technique and critical voice
  • An author page and digital portfolio that will permanently reside on CMN
  • Exclusive video chats with industry professionals
  • 16 career-related reading assignments and
  • 8 career related video assignments
  • A profile and listing in CMN’s Music Journalist Database
  • Ongoing support from CMN staff to achieve your personal music industry goals, including access to our exclusive jobs database
  • Official CMN Certificate of course completion


  • Write 16 music pieces including reviews, listicles, profiles and editorials
  • Participate in webinars with professionals working in the music industry, including authors, editors, reporters and PR professionals
  • Complete 16 music-related readings
  • Watch eight music-related videos
  • Take part in two one-on-one calls with the instructor


$500. A $100 deposit, which is applied to the cost of the course, is required to reserve your seat. Enrollment is limited.


Patrick Foster is the Executive Editor of College Media Network, and a journalist with over 20 years of professional experience. He has written about music for the Washington Post, SPIN, Pitchfork, Time Out, and many other outlets. He co-hosted the Dad Rock podcast for USA Today and currently co-hosts the Rockin’ the Suburbs podcast. He once went to 172 concerts in one year.

For more about the course, Read our FAQ. Still have questions? Send the instructor an email. Or schedule a phone call to go in depth about the course.

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