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Sportswriting Course

Patrick Foster
CMN Executive Editor and Washington Post Contributing Writer
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An 8-week course focused on enhancing your reporting, interviewing and information gathering skills as they specifically relate to the modern sports landscape. Participants will have the opportunity to publish on CMN’s platform, build a multimedia portfolio, and develop your social media reporting skills.

The goal of the course is to combine your passion for sports and your writing skills and specifically tailor them to the sports you are most interested in covering.


  • How to tailor your writing to a specific sport
  • How to cover events as they happen
  • How to cover and interview college and professional athletes
  • How to work with sports information and media departments
  • How to pitch stories, understand and work with sports editors
  • How to understand and communicate the statistics that really matter


  • A minimum of 16 bylines on CMN, mixing game coverage, opinion, interviews and analysis
  • Use of CMN’s social media platforms to work on live coverage and promotion
  • The opportunity to network and exchange ideas with others seeking a career in sports journalism
  • Live reporting experience coordinated by CMN
  • An official Certificate of course completion from CMN
  • Support from the CMN staff to land journalism internships and experience, customized for you


  • Write two pieces per week to be published on CMN
  • Participate in seven exclusive video conferences with someone currently working in the sports industry (writers, editors, media officials, athletes and sports information directors)
  • Attend and cover a minimum of two sporting events for CMN


$500. A $100 deposit, which is applied to the cost of the course, is required to reserve your seat. Enrollment is limited.

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