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Advanced Music Journalism

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This 8-week course is designed for those who have completed the Basics of Music Journalism Course or have sufficient skills and experience in the field to be ready for advanced training and experiential learning. 

One focus of this advanced course is on connecting with industry professionals, applying for jobs, building a freelance contact list and answering the big question: do you really have what it takes to work full-time in the music industry?  

In parallel, you will take your writing to the next level, incorporating all you have previously learned, both in and out of the classroom. The goal of these advanced writing exercises is to take your critical insight and craft to a place where your work is on par with the best music writing anywhere. 


  • How to go beyond simple critical analysis
  • The art of becoming a leading critical voice 
  • How to connect with editors, PR agents, publishers and key industry insiders
  • How to analyze the current musical marketplace and critical landscape and use those insights to achieve your career goals
  • The art of crafting a cover letter that employers will love


  • Detailed, personally crafted feedback on your writing, with the goal of becoming a truly memorable critic 
  • Consultation on how to build your professional brand, incorporating social media, email, website and podcasting strategies
  • The opportunity to launch your own show on CMN’s podcasting network
  • Personal introductions to music industry professionals 
  • Personal consultation with the CMN staff to achieve your personal music industry goals
  • Official CMN Certificate upon completion of the course 


  • Write a minimum of eight in-depth and memorable music pieces
  • Craft a minimum of 16 pitches and story ideas and send them to key music industry figures
  • Take part in a minimum of three consultations with CMN staff on your professional goals 
  • Set up (or enhance) your personal website with expert help from CMN staff
  • Record a minimum of two appearances on the CMN podcast 


$500. A $100 deposit, which is applied to the cost of the course, is required to reserve your seat. Enrollment is limited.


Patrick Foster is the Executive Editor of College Media Network, and a journalist with over 20 years of professional experience. He has written about music for the Washington Post, SPIN, Pitchfork, Time Out, and many other outlets. He co-hosted the Dad Rock podcast for USA Today and currently co-hosts the Rockin’ the Suburbs podcast. He once went to 172 concerts in one year.

For more about the course, Read our FAQ. Still have questions? Send the instructor an email. Or schedule a phone call to go in depth about the course.

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