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College Media Network Courses

CMN wants you to get paid.

That’s why we’ve developed specific courses designed to build on what you learned in college, with a focus on developing and refining a set of skills that will land paying jobs and stand out from the competition. If you love writing, the world of digital and social media, and want to get paid to so something you love, our courses can help make it happen.

We emphasize consistent, helpful feedback, skill development in areas that will make a difference in the ultra-competitive world of digital media, and frequent, open communication.

We’re focused on one mission: Building the best education and training community for 21st Century digital journalists. One that — in the era of Fake News, increasing public suspicion, and shrinking revenue — ensures a better outcome for everyone.

Currently available courses:

Music Journalism Course

An intensive, 8-week learning experience that will combine your writing skills with your passion for music in a way that very few, if any, colleges or online learning platforms currently do. It’s the writing course you dreamt about your college offering.  After eight weeks, you will have all the knowledge you need to start getting paid to write about music, it’s that simple.

If you obsess over bands, and are one of those people who make a playlist for every occasion, this is the place for you.

Full details here.

Digital Journalism Course 

An 8-week learning experience that will fine tune your writing skills for the modern newsroom and online media.

You will get a minimum of 16 bylines in multiple styles of writing and reporting —  all of which will be aggressively edited —  and be a part of six exclusive video chats with professionals in the field. You will find out how to pitch stories that will get published and get you paid.

Full details here.

Social Media for Journalism Course

CMN’s Social Media Journalism course is an 8-week learning experience that will expose students to the latest social media techniques, while simultaneously providing a platform to develop your skills. Think of it as a hands-on learning lab for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you are constantly refreshing Twitter and taking pictures of everything you eat and drink for Instagram, and messaging friends on Snapchat and Facebook at all hours, here’s the chance to turn your passion for social media into a career.

Full details here.