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The 10 Best Morrissey Love Songs

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…

With Valentine’s Day 2019 approaching and in the spirit of a confused, emotional, hopeless romantic, here’s a list of love songs from an unlikely source: Morrissey.

Dubbed the “Pope of Mope,” this melancholic rocker would usually be a peculiar choice for meaningful love songs, but in his own quirky way, Morrisey’s music is the embodiment of that most romance filled, can’t-live-with-or-without-you type of love.

Just in time for the special day of love, here 10 of the former Smiths singer’s obscure, but love-filled songs:

10. “My Love Life” from World of Morrissey

“I know you love one person so why can’t you love two?” In the world of today, the concept of polyamory is not far fetched. Morrissey’s plea for love by someone who is already in love with someone else, might just be an open invitation.

College Media Network The 10 Best Morrissey Love Songs

9. “You’re The One For Me Fatty” from Your Arsenal

“You’re the one for me, fatty. You’re the one I really, really love and I will stay. Promise you’ll say if I’m in your way.” If Morrissey professing his love despite the pudginess you might have doesn’t ring true love, I don’t know what does.

8. “The Loop” from World of Morrissey

“I just want to say, I haven’t been away. I am still right here, where I always was.” Who doesn’t want someone to always be there for them, through it all, despite what happened? Morrissey’s lyrics convey that enduring support.

7. “Tomorrow” from Your Arsenal

“Tomorrow, tomorrow. All I ask of you…oh…is/ would you tell me that you love me/ Tell me, tell me that you love me/Tell me tell me that you love me/ Tell me that you love me! /Ah I know you don’t mean it.”  In typical Morrissey fashion, he pleads for love and exhibits insecurities when he gets a response. Oh Morrissey, how you know of the ways of love: ask for love and then doubt it’s authenticity.

College Media Network The 10 Best Morrissey Love Songs

6. “I’d Love To” from My Early Burglary Years

“So, again, I lay awake in a trance/Oh, I just want my chance/ But only with you.” Morrissey paints a picture of the foundation of feelings a lover feels when a romance is in its early stages, or at least a crush. This song speaks of the entranced, spellbound feelings of love.

5. “Whatever Happens, I Love You” from World Of Morrissey

“Everyone’s oh so quick with advice and when they’ve all said their piece, it’s still you I love/Now just like then.” Morrissey happens to describe a forbidden or an unaccepted love by others. Yet, despite what others may say, the lover’s feelings will remain true.

4. “Kiss Me a Lot” from World Peace Is None of Your Business

“I don’t care when or where/ I only care that the two of us are there/And that you, and that you will kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot / Kiss me all over the face / Kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot /Kiss me all over the place.” One of Morrissey’s more upbeat, jovial songs from one of his 2014 album, the track explores what an infatuated lover feels through constant affection.

College Media Network The 10 Best Morrissey Love Songs

3. “To Me You Are A Work of Art” from Ringleader of the Tormentors

“I see the world, it makes me puke. But then I look at you and know that somewhere there’s a someone who can soothe me.”  An unconventional, yet sweet remark and look at the tranquility that a lover can bring. The song displays Morrissey’s hallmark of wittiness in prose.

2. “Jack The Ripper” from Beethoven Was Deaf

“Crash into my arms, I want you / You don’t agree, but you don’t refuse / I know you.”  Morrissey illustrates the safety net lovers willingly provide when presented with resistance.

College Media Network The 10 Best Morrissey Love Songs

1. “Let Me Kiss You” from You Are The Quarry

“There’s a place in the sun, for anyone who has the will to chase one/ And I think I’ve found mine/ Yes, I do believe I have found mine.” In Morrissey’s own offbeat way, he finds love or his “place in the sun” and, thus happiness, in someone and presumably continues to imply that the lover does not love him back. But in the most endearing of ways, asks the lover to close their eyes and simply allow for a sweet, passionate kiss between lovers.

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