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4 Songs That Will Get You in a Better Mood

Don’t want to get out of bed? These tunes will have you jumping out.

So you’re just having one of those days, eh?

You don’t feel like getting out of bed and the rain is hitting your window? Your mood is melancholy and you feel down in the dumps?

Here’s a playlist that will get you in the groove again in no time, while helping you get back in your normal routine in a flash.

ASTR “Bleeding Love”

This electro hip hop duo’s song gets the heartbeat racing in no time. It’s a quintessential jam from the NYC duo, and will make you question why you were in a bad mood to begin with. Lead vocalist Zoe Anna sings, “Heartbeat’s full on fire/cut me with your lies” to an 80s hip hop beat that matches today’s shadow/trance movement. Guaranteed to make you get up and move to the fresh groove.

Republica “Ready To Go”

This song from English alternative rock band Republica is an assault on the senses. Call them a one-hit wonder if you like, but “Ready to Go” will make anyone feel they can accomplish anything — including a 10-mile run. A techno/pop punk jam that gets the adrenaline pumping through a rocking guitar riff, as lead singer Saffron yells out “Standing on the rooftop/shout it out/baby I’m ready to go.”

Have this as your alarm clock song and you can do anything for the day.

Kanye West “Jesus Walks”

Love him or hate him, Kanye West can be inspirational, especially on this track from 2004. The back up choir and an unforgettable beat not only make this song a classic, but gets you in the “I can do anything” mind set with raps like, “God show me the way because the Devil’s tryin’ to break me down/The only thing I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now”.

Phantogram “Don’t Move”

Phantogram — comprised of lead singer Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter — is an amazing shoegaze outfit. Barthel smoothly croons “All you do is shake, shake, shake/keep your body still” in “Don’t Move” over a haunting, but mesmerizing beat that will make you jump up and start dancing. The tune’s infectious groove wakens the soul and keeps it energized for a month, until you listen to it again…

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