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5 Heartfelt Mac Miller Songs

Just an average kid from Pittsburgh.

Zach Luben



Malcolm McCormick, an average kid from Pittsburgh whose stage name was Mac Miller, became one of the most sensational and memorable rappers of this generation before his death on September 7th, 2018.

His flow, meaning, and passion is a substantial reason why he will be remembered and missed by so many. Mac dealt with his own demons and personal issues and often expressed them in his music. 

Here are five of the most heartfelt, passionate, and important Mac Miller songs that demonstrate how Mac lived and how he perceived his life.

“The Star Room” – In the opening song on Watching Movies with the Sound Off , Mac raps about dealing with fame, drugs, and how this has changed his personal life.

“The Question” – Here, Miller questions his purpose on earth is and if he made the right decision becoming a rapper. He reminisces on his experiences of being a rapper and where his life is now, mainly relating to his social life with friends, drugs, and women.

“Life” – From Miller’s Live From Space album, which was his first and only live record. It’s two-thirds live recordings done during the Space Migration Tour with The Internet and one-third Watching Movies with the Sound Off bonus tracks.

In this song Mac deeply reminisces about a relationship with a woman whom he truly cared about, but just could never make it work with. It is truly a powerful song with deep unique emotion behind it.

“2009” – Swimming is full of passion and deep meaning. Here are the two most important/influential songs from that album.

Mac seems to be coming to reality that although he has problems in “2009,” but he still is swimming, not drowning. He hopes he may be okay and is working to become the best clear version of himself.

“So it Goes” – Finally, the last song the final album he released. This song has an incredible melodic tone that truly is one of the greatest conclusions to not only the album, but Miller’s life as an artist. It is as if his entire life of creating music has been put into one song. He knows he had messed up in the past and has had issues, but “So It Goes.”

Mac’s legacy will live on through great songs like these. Rest In Peace. 

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Zach Luben is a University of Nebraska Lincoln graduate with a bachelors degree in Advertising and Public Relations. While in college, he was involved with Nebraska athletics as a student intern creating highlight videos. He currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska working at a local sporting goods store as well as officiating and coaching basketball. In his free time he enjoys staying active, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. Music is a big part of his life and is something that is very meaningful to Zach.

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