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6 Musical Duos To Add To Your Playlists

Mix up your usual music with some of these dynamic duos.

Duos are often overlooked among the numerous solo artists and bands that compete in the music industry. These six groups are creating unique bodies of work that suggest that two minds are better than one, three or four.

1. slenderbodies

slenderbodies craft otherworldly songs with their mix of airy vocals, ambient guitars and groovy basslines. Their laid-back sound is perfect in playlists made for morning relaxation or unwinding at the end of a long day.

2. Kira

If you need to vent about messy relationships, London-based duo Kira has you covered. The echoing, dreamy synthesizers and warm vocals on their singles beckon all lonely hearts.

3. Aly & AJ

The Michalka sister act has moved on from their Disney roots to a refined electronic pop sound. Direct summer sunlight is optimal for the enjoyment of their recent upbeat EP release, Sanctuary.

4. Danny and Alex

Pulled straight from the past, Danny and Alex explore the mellow guitars and shimmering sound effects of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Their witty music is in good company with songs you would sing into a hairbrush.

5. Now, Now

Now, Now have a gritty pop sound and raw emotional lyrics to match. Play these tracks when you are in feelings or want easy listening with an edge.

6. joan

Joan’s songs will inevitably become part of the “songs you and your friends sing your hearts out to” playlist. If you are getting ready to go out, dancing in your room or driving around town with your windows down, this team has an indie pop tune that captures your good feeling.

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