Trump Sticks to the Script in First State of the Union Speech

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The President's 80-minute speech was just short of Bill Clinton's record for the longest ever. (Image: CBS)

President Trump gave his first State of the Union address last night, and in it he called for Democrats and Republicans to work past their differences in order to do what’s right for the American people.

CNN reports, “Over the course of his 80-minute address — one of the longest-running State of the Union speeches in history — Trump heralded the economic successes of his first year in office, including a soaring stock market and low unemployment."

The University of Pittsburgh's Grace Cooper, who covered the speech on Twitter for CMN, has a roundup of the president's long and winding speech.

Lauren Grimaldi of Roosevelt University was unimpressed, saying the speech proved "the true meaning behind his prepared remarks prove he is just as dangerous polished as he is unhinged" in an analysis for CMN.

He also set up several emotional moments with invited guests, including Otto Warmbier’s parents, whose son died after being returned to the United States by his North Korean captors.

Melania Got Her Own Ride to the SOTU

First lady Melania Trump broke with tradition last night, arriving at the State of the Union speech by herself and not with her husband. She wore a white Dior outfit and sported a deep tan — a very un-Washington in winter look.

The first lady has been out of the public eye for the past couple of weeks, with speculation running high that she was furious over reports that porn star Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about an affair she had with President Trump nearly a decade ago.

Daniels appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" not long after the speech ended and she remained silent when directly asked about the affair, though she did agree with Kimmel that the signature on a statement denying the affair ever took place didn't look much like her own.

Today in a Tweet

Twitter still can't figure out why Joe Kennedy was in front a car. And he was drooling?
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Mark Salling of 'Glee' Dead of Apparent Suicide

Mark Salling, best known for playing Noah “Puck” Puckerman on "Glee" was found dead in Los Angeles early yesterday morning, reportedly after hanging himself.

Salling had been charged with possession of child pornography and according to reports had made a plea deal and was scheduled for sentencing on March 7. CMN's Dani Matias has more details in her report.

Stanford and Victim in Brock Turner Case Disagree Over Campus Memorial

Stanford University and the victim of an appalling sexual assault by a former member of the school’s swim team, Brock Turner, had previously agreed to mark the site with a garden and a plaque. The idea was to include words from the impact statement that the victim — known only as Emily Doe — gave at Turner’s trial in March 2016.

Now it appears the victim is no longer cooperating with the university because they don't agree over words from the statement to use. Get more details in our report right here.

Last But Not Least: "Emotional Support Peacock" is now a thing people have. And they are not allowed on United Airlines

A female passenger was not allowed to bring her emotional support animal — in this case a peacock — onto a flight at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey this week.

"This animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size,” United said in a statement to Fox News. “We explained this to the customers on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport.”

Attempts to buy a separate ticket for the bird were also slapped down by United.
Today's Morning Scoop was compiled by Natalia Kolenko and the CMN Staff. You're going to be tired in class today because you were up looking at the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse thing all night, weren't you?