President Trump signs tax, funding bills, then heads to Florida for Christmas break

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President Trump announcing his latest signings in the White House this morning. (Image: CNN video)

President Trump signed the sweeping GOP tax bill into law early this afternoon, as well as a measure that will keep the Federal Government funded through January 19. The latter bill also includes $4 billion dollars for missile defense.

Trump touted the tax measure as a bill that has something for everyone.

"All of this, everything in here, is really tremendous things for business, for people, for the middle class, for workers," he said. "I consider this very much a bill for the middle class and a bill for jobs."

The president left for in Mar-A-Lago, his private club in Florida this afternoon. He will spend the holidays there with his family.
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Couple in their 80's caught with 60 pounds of marijuana had the best explanation

Police in York County, Neb. who pulled over a pickup truck for failing to signal and crossing the center line got quite a surprise: 80-year-old Patrick Jiron and eighty-three-year-old Barbara Jiron had 60 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle.

"They said the marijuana was for Christmas presents," Lt. Paul Vrbka told the York News-Times. The department estimated the street value of the pot at over $300,000.

Those who the "presents" were intended for are going to have a little less, um, Christmas cheer and it's looking worse for the Jirons, who face several felony charges.

From our Twitter feed:

Whatever, mom.
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Bitcoin value continues to plunge

The cyber-currency continued to lose value Friday afternoon, now down nearly 30% since the plunge began yesterday.

For the week, the decline is nearly 39%. The price of the digital coin had more than doubled in the prior three weeks, according to a Bloomberg report.

This week’s losses represent a major test for the cryptocurrency industry and the blockchain technology that underpins it, which have rapidly entered the mainstream recently.

Last But Not Least: It's time to binge college football. Bowl season is in full swing.

With this afternoon's Bahamas Bowl (Ohio University is up on UAB 27-3 at halftime), college football bowl season is in full swing.

There are 24 games on the schedule between now and New Year's Day, including the Dollar General Bowl, the Cactus Bowl, the Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl and the Quick Lane Bowl, amongst others with not quite so ridiculous names.

Pass the nachos and make some room on that reclining sofa.
The Afternoon Briefing was compiled by the CMN Staff. We're taking a little holiday next week, so we'll be checking in from time to time. Best wishes from our team for a safe and happy break and great holiday. We're got some great stuff for you in 2018!