House of horrors discovered in California

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Louise Turpin and David Turpin (Image: Handout from Riverside County Sheriffs Department)

Riverside, California Police arrested a couple on Monday after 13 of their children were found being held captive in their home. One of the siblings, a seventeen-year-old girl, escaped the deplorable conditions and called 911 from a cell phone in the house.

According to authorities, the victims ranged from two to 31 years old; however, they were so malnourished when the officers arrived that many of them appeared to be children. Many were shackled to their beds in dark and filthy rooms.

Fifty-seven year old David Allen Turpin and his wife, forty-nine year old Louise Anna Turpin, were charged with torture and child endangerment. Each of the accused had bail set at $9 million dollars.

The house where the siblings were held was listed as a school in Perris, California under the name Sandcastle Day School, according to the California Department of Education. KABC reported that the Turpins’ neighbors knew that they were a large family, but had never seen the youngest children outside of the house.

Is a government shutdown coming?

President Trump’s recent inflammatory comments concerning immigration have decreased the belief that a broad spending and immigration deal can be agreed upon by the end of the week, increasing the possibility of a government shutdown.

The New York Times reports, “Democrats facing re-election in the states that Mr. Trump carried in 2016 fear that a government funding crisis, precipitated by an immigration showdown, could imperil their campaigns." Many up for re-election are worried that if a long-term agreement on immigration (DACA) isn't reached, they will have little chance of being voted back to Washington.

However, most observers agree that if a shutdown occurs, Republicans will most likely take the blame, regardless if Democrats attempt to block legislation.

Today in a Tweet

Hey kids! It's Appreciate A Dragon Day! (Also known as It's A Slow News Day!)
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Salmonella may have wiped out the Aztecs

Salmonella, the dangerous bacteria caused by contaminated food has now been connected to an ancient epidemic, which may have contributed to the annihilation of the Aztec empire almost 500 years ago.

With the help of a new algorithm and DNA from ten Aztec skeletons, the epidemic at least partially responsible for the civilization’s demise has been linked to a Salmonella variant, according to paper published in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

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ICYMI: Paterno film to be released this spring

Reports have surfaced recently confirming that HBO will release a film centered on the life of legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno this spring.

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Last But Not Least: Hilarious Missouri family photo goes viral

Pam and Dave Zaring recently paid a "professional" photographer $250 to take some family portraits. When they received the final pics, they were, um, a little surprised at the amount of retouching.

They decided to share the pics on Facebook and now they are in the Awkward Family Photo hall of fame, for sure. Check this out:
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