Bad Dream: Immigration Bills Collapse in Senate

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Any serious debate on DACA and Dreamers never materialized. (Image: Senate TV)

The future of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers is unclear this morning after four different proposals to help them failed in the Senate yesterday. There was the inevitable finger-pointing afterward, but it is indisputable that America's highest legislative body looks like it doesn't have a clue how to come to agreement on this vital issue.

The current DACA law expires on March 5 — though it's possible that courts could extend that deadline through the appeals process. In total, four separate bills failed to gain enough votes to move forward yesterday, with senators from both sides blasting each other and the White House, who in turn, fired back at Democrats.

The failure of the legislation also means no funding for President Trump's border wall with Mexico has been approved.

High School Student Arrested After Grandmother Finds Journal Detailing Massacre Plans

A grandmother in Everett, Wa. called the police after finding that her grandson had written disturbing journal entries that detailed how he was planning to attack his high school. He was pulled out of class and arrested on Tuesday.

“I need to make this count,” Joshua Alexander O’Connor reportedly wrote. “I’ve been reviewing many mass shootings/bombings (and attempted bombings) I’m learning from past shooters/bombers mistakes.”

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Today in a Tweet

Adam Rippon is clearly casting a spell on the Winter Olympics.
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Carnegie Mellon Student Under FBI Investigation for Message Fantasizing Sniper Killings

A Carnegie Mellon University student is under FBI investigation and faces charges after a message he sent using a university platform was flagged as a potential terroristic threat.

Action News 4 in Pittsburgh identified the student as Derek Li and reported that the message contained lines such as "I want to make an impact. Make life meaningful even under the eye of death itself.”

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These are the Safest College Campuses in America According to a New Study

Security company recently issued the results of a study that attempted to identify the safest college campuses in America. They used FBI and Department of Education data, as well as local crime statistics and number of law enforcement employed by the school.

The top five: 1.) Brigham Young Idaho 2.) Oakland University 3.) Northern Kentucky University 4.) University of Rhode Island 5.) Bridgewater State University.

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Last But Not Least: She Was So Concerned About Her Bag She Rode Through An X-Ray Machine

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Officials at Dongguan Railway Station in China couldn't believe their eyes when the image of human being appeared on their x-ray monitors. A woman, apparently too nervous to let go of her handbag, hopped on the conveyor belt and rode through with it.

She had apparently attempted to walk through the security system with it in her hand, but was told it must ride through the x-ray belt. She refused to let go and instead, gave the world the amazing image above.
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