Morning Scoop / March 23, 2018

Congress Approves $1.3 Trillion Budget With Some Contention


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) holding up the Senate floor with finger guns. Just kidding. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Late last night, Senate approved a pretty hefty spending bill in an effort to avoid another government shutdown, which would have been the third this year. The document consists of more than 2,200 pages of a bipartisan-supported budget, with some objections from both parties. The budget is intended to last through September, and allocates funding to domestic and military spending alike.

Initially, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) delayed voting on the bill, which had easily passed through the House of Representatives earlier that day. He told Fox News on Thursday, "This [budget] could have easily been written by President Obama and liberal Democrats." He held out until midnight, when he and other unenthusiastic Republicans put their opposition aside and brought it to a vote on the Senate floor. According to USA Today, Paul was responsible for the last government shutdown because of his opposition to a budget agreement.

The bill also allocated $1.6 billion to border security, which is not nearly as much as President Trump had hoped for--Trump's plan to build a wall and strengthen the southern border would have required a budget of $25 billion. While conservatives criticized this as insufficient, liberal Senators worried about the fate of DREAMers, which the bill did not address.

Overall, Congress seems satisfied with the resulting budget and their ability to avoid a shutdown. In the words of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), "We produced a pretty darn good bill."

No Foul Play in St. Joseph University Student's Bermuda Death

Bermuda authorities provided insight into their ongoing investigation of the mysterious circumstances pertaining to the death of a Pennsylvania student athlete’s death, at a press conference on Thursday, citing that the cause of death was likely due to a fall, though officials are “open-minded to all evidence” from witnesses.

Mark Dombroski, a freshman rugby player at St. Joseph University in Philadelphia, traveled with his fellow teammates, and relatives, to the island for a weekend tournament. According to surveillance footage, Dombroski was last seen roaming the premises of Fort Prospect, by himself early Sunday morning, seemingly engrossed in his phone. Prior to his appearance at Fort Prospect, Dombroski had been hanging at a local bar, the Dog House, with his teammates and left approximately around midnight. A relative reported Dombroski’s disappearance Sunday morning at 9:39 a.m. A search party conducted by Domobroski’s brothers and the police discovered Dombroski’s body, at the base of the 35-foot high cliff, mid-afternoon of the following day. The investigation is ongoing.

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Maryland School Shooting Victim to be Taken Off Life Support

Sixteen-year-old Jaelynn Willey, one of the victims of the shooting at Great Mills High School on Tuesday, will be taken off life support by her family. Jaelynn's mother reported to local reporters last night that Jaelynn "will not make it...she is brain-dead and there is no life left in her." She was the second oldest of nine children, and was a member of the swim team.

Jaelynn had recently ended a relationship with Austin Rollins, the Great Mills Gunman, and the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office does not think this is just a coincidence. They stated that "all indications suggest the shooting was not a random act of violence."

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Last But Not Least: Mummy Discovered in Chile Fifteen Years Ago Is Finally Proven to be Human

A tiny, six-inch mummy found in the Atacama Desert of Chile was once thought to be evidence of extraterrestrial lifeforms. With an elongated skull and abnormally large eye sockets, this mummy was rumored to be an alien, fueled by a popular 2013 U.F.O documentary, "Sirius." DNA researchers at University of California, San Francisco recently discovered that the mummy is in fact human, and that it was likely to be a stillborn baby that was wrapped carefully before burial.

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