Train Carrying Congressional Republicans to Retreat Hits Truck, Kills Driver

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The remains of a garbage truck hit by the chartered Amtrak train. (Image: NBC video)

A train that was carrying Republican members of Congress to a legislative retreat in West Virginia collided with a garbage truck yesterday, killing the driver. Another man riding in the truck was critically injured and a third was seriously hurt.

CNN reports, “The driver of the truck was killed, President Donald Trump said Wednesday afternoon. Six patients were transported to UVA Medical Center, with one in critical condition. One of those six has been discharged, while the remaining four were being evaluated.”

No members of Congress or their families were seriously injured and several with medical experience — including Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and his wife, who are both doctors — immediately leapt off the train and aided the injured.

Michigan State students disrupt Board of Trustees Meeting, demanding a voice

Fallout from the Larry Nassar conviction continued at Michigan State University yesterday and the school's most important stakeholders — its students — rose up in anger.

As the Board of Trustees confirmed former Michigan Gov. John Engler as interim president, a group of students barged into the meeting room and interrupted the proceedings to express their displeasure at the choice of someone they see as a political insider.

A senior identified as Connor Berdy jumped on a table, sat down in the middle of it and pleaded with the trustees to offer the students a say in the choice of school leadership. CMN has video of the incident right here.

Today in a Tweet

Black History Month begins today and it is at the top of the Twitter trends this morning. Side note: The Google Doodle on Carter G. Woodson is really interesting.
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Canada’s National Anthem Is Now Gender-Neutral

The Canadian Senate voted to amend the language in "O Canada", the country’s national anthem, to reflect gender-neutral lyrics. The law will change the language of the song from “in thy all sons command” to “in all of us command.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has identified gender equality as one of the key goals of his administration. Get more details in Julia Schemmer's report for CMN.

White supremacists are targeting college campuses for recruitment

A report issued yesterday by the Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism documented 346 instances in which propaganda with a white supremacist agenda have been distributed on U.S. campuses over the past 12 months.

Schools in California and Texas were the most frequent targets. Get more information in CMN's report.

Last But Not Least: Naked Mole-Rats Could Theoretically Live Forever

Unlike humans, some species don’t go through the gradual process of death we call aging; animals like jellyfish and tortoises are capable of living hundreds of years.

A new study by scientists at Calico, a research firm under the umbrella of Google parent company Alphabet, have theorized that naked mole-rats also have this sort of biological immortality.

But could naked mole-rats hold the key to human immortality? Get that answer and more details in Gigi Foster's report for CMN.
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