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Podcast Review: ‘DIY Musician’

DIY Musician Podcast teaches listener just how easy it really is to make a good cover songs.

As part of our ongoing Music Journalism Course, our music team was asked to choose, listen to and write a reaction to an episode of a music podcast. 

I chose the podcast The Right Way To Do Cover Songs on DIY Musician Podcast because it interested me and I was curious on what is the right way since everyone who does do a cover of a song I don’t think anything more of it but I do wanna educate myself about what comes to it and the importance of the structure of how it goes.

 I went on my laptop and searched up music podcasts and read a few lists to choose from while eating my morning breakfast. I had to fast forward to eight minutes in the beginning because of how long it took to start, I enjoyed the podcast overall. Kevin Breuner and Chris Robley were funny guys and kept me entertained about cover songs– talking about their experiences as performers of how they entertain their audiences and key ways to connect with the music world artistically and being open to making covers that we aren’t into or wouldn’t do themselves.

My favorite part of the podcast was when they discussed about music bands/groups or a single artist creating a cover of a famous song but the tone and the way it is produced is completely different and their own style. It could be a funky jazz-fusion band making a cover of a David Bowie tune and it’s still Bowie’s song and lyrics but the group put their own groove and style to it so audiences could find it on YouTube or live and find themselves interested in the band rather than Bowie’s song itself and that’s how a band could also get themselves known and I believe it’s a great way to promote.

Breuner also mentioned doing facebook live while doing covers of songs. Audiences would enjoy and a section of a seven hour performance which enables the artist and audience to interact with each other.

Breuner and Robley did well on explaining tips and tricks on how to expand the audience’s thoughts and experience by not only covering songs the audience could be familiar with, but to be entertaining while they do it to make them laugh and switch from a slow folk song to a Katy Perry song that way it could give the audience a change of perspective and feel about them or any bands that comes and performs at a venue to promote their music and play covers.

I believe Breuner tries to make his show his own character and entertainment and for the most part, succeeds well.

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