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Election 2020

A Majority of Americans Supporting Progressive Policies Nationwide

A more progressive union in the near future?

According to a late March 2019 CNBC All-America Economic Survey of almost 1,000 American adults, the United States is moving center-left on a wide variety of economic and political issues impacting their own personal lives. While the country has become more socially liberal on sociocultural issues such as LGBTQIA+ rights, abortion, cannabis legalization, and affirmative action for women as well as non-white persons of color, favorability for progressive fiscal policies are slowly rising.

The survey indicates support for proposed progressive fiscal programs are gradually on the rise with 84% supporting paid parental leave, 75% supporting public-funded childcare, 60% supporting a higher minimum wage, 57% supporting tuition-free and debt free public higher education, 54% supporting a Medicare for All single-payer healthcare system, and almost 30% support for a universal basic income.

The majority of the proposed policies are already becoming the mainstream within the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries. The future of action towards these progressive proposals will depend on the leadership within the Democratic Party as well as its state parties nationwide.

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