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A$AP Rocky Awaits Trial in Sweden

The rapper is charged with assault and could face prison if convicted.

After spending close to a month in a Swedish correctional facility, Harlem Rapper A$AP Rocky has been charged with assault. While overseas for international festival performances, Rocky and his entourage were involved in an altercation on June 30th in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm.

Rocky wrote on Instagram that “two drug addicts who are not my fans” harassed them as they made their way through the Swedish capital. Video footage shows the two following Rocky as he tells them he isn’t looking for any problems.

The exchange of words them became physical, the two civilians attacked Rocky’s body guard with a pair of headphones. Rocky continued to try and diffuse the situation, but they continued to follow him and his crew.

Rocky finally reached his breaking point, throwing the men to the ground and pummeling them. Rocky and two of his associates were arrested shortly after and have been sitting in jail since.

On July 25th, Rocky and his two associates were charged with assault and could end up serving two years in prison if found guilty. The charges came shortly after images of the injuries suffered by the two men surfaced.

The American community has bonded together throughout these past few weeks, pushing for the release of the MC. Many have used their platforms to show their support for Rocky, saying he is innocent and is being treated unfairly due to the fact he is an African American.

Even President Trump shared his thoughts on the situation. “Give A$AP Rocky his FREEDOM. We do so much for Sweden but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around. Sweden should focus on its real crime problem!” he wrote on Twitter.

With a trial set to begin this week, Rocky must sit in Swedish jail a little bit longer till his fate is decided.

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