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ADHD Explained in New Book by Artist and Activist Alice Gendron

Chronicle Prism, an imprint of Chronicle Books, recently published The Mini ADHD Coach: Tools and Support to Make Life Easier, a new book that empowers individuals to fully understand and then master symptoms of ADHD, in their own journey and/or in that of a loved one, according to a press release. Through impactful visual representations, author Alice Gendron dedicates her artistry and her considerable platform to address common hurdles of a late onset diagnosis as well as providing a framework for those not diagnosed, but who want to learn more.

“Looking back, my ADHD was obvious all my life,” says Gendron, who was diagnosed with ADHD at age 29. “I was a dreamy student, able to focus for hours on my artwork, but not able to fully pay attention to what my teacher was saying in class…once I got my diagnosis, I was able to stop asking myself, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ every day. I had an answer. And most importantly, I wasn’t alone anymore.”

The Mini ADHD Coach uses Gendron’s original artwork to present and then address how ADHD affects everyday activities, including things like:

Sitting in class
Doing Homework
Misplacing items

And more, offering advice for successfully working through the challenges ADHD introduces into each, making this book an invaluable resource. If you find that deadlines are hard to meet, that you consistently flake on plans with friends, and that others often misunderstand your behavior, the techniques in The Mini ADHD Coach could be life-changing.

“Gendron has a knack for channeling her personal experience through sweet, relatable doodles that make readers feel less alone and create the space to have open conversations with the people in your life about ADHD,” says Chronicle Prism Editorial Director Cara Bedick. “That same gentle manner extends to the advice she offers in the form of sixteen hacks to try and see what works for your life.”

The Mini ADHD Coach is available now, everywhere you normally purchase books. For more ways to connect, please visit Alice Gendron on Instagram, @the_mini_adhd_coach.

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