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AGD Entertainment Launches “Zero to 60” Scholarship Program for Young Developing Artists

AGD Entertainment, an entertainment company at the forefront of innovation for career development in the ever-changing music industry, is thrilled to launch the first-ever Zero to 60 (ZT60) Scholarship program designed for the developing 16-20-year-old artist, according to a recent press release. Applications will be open from March 1 to April 5, 2021, online. One recipient will receive a full ride to cover their nine-month experience with the ZT60 program. Two to three partial ZT60 scholarships will also be offered.

A partnership with national non-profit Notes for Notes will help get the word out to underserved students across the country about the ZT60 scholarship that provides the funding and guidance needed to help artists thrive in the music industry. Notes for Notes provides youth with free access to music instruments, instruction, and recording studio environments in Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide.

Zero to 60 by AGD is a day-to-day management service that provides strategy development for recording artists. ZT60 Artist Coaches are trained to move and guide musicians at a steady pace and provide the foundation for an artist’s success in the industry. Artist Coaches understand a ZT60 musician intends to release music and become a confident performer. ZT60 is designed to work with the artist’s personality and develop their brand in line with these goals. Services are available to all artists at any level of career development.

The ZT60 scholarship tagline is “Imagination Into Action,” and encompasses the motivated artist – the aspiring musician who dreams big and invests in themselves.

“We believe that motivated artists should have the opportunity to succeed,” said Nathan Dohse, President of AGD Entertainment and Author of the Zero To 60 Program.  “Finances should not be the main cause preventing success as an artist. AGD prides itself in being the most affordable solution for artists needing guidance to properly execute a creative project release. Still, we recognize that some talented artists might not be able to participate in the ZT60 community and program services due to financial constraints.”

The full scholarship recipient will work with a personal coach on an individualized nine-month campaign to release their album project. Along the way, they’ll benefit from full access to AGD’s team who will help create the visual assets for the release and receive a professional mix/ master on their project. Additionally, two partial scholarship recipients will participate in AGD’s ZT60 program over the nine months, and these artists will work with their personal coach to release their project and hone their skills as a performer.

“The ZT60 Scholarship Program is something we’ve envisioned since we started AGD, and we’re so glad to make this happen now,” added Timothy Dohse, AGD Entertainment’s Vice President and Co-Founder.  “We are very excited to elevate some incredible talent and look forward to the impact this will have within our community and the greater music industry.”

This is the inaugural year of the “Zero to 60” Scholarship Program, which will be announced annually in conjunction with AGD Entertainment’s “Zero To 60 Awards Show,” hosted every Spring live in Music City. The “Zero To 60 Awards Show” allows the ZT60 artist community to be showcased to all AGD Entertainment friends and partners, and is an integral part of how the company elevates its artists as they grow into their full potential.

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