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Album Review: ‘7’ by David Guetta Is an Energy Mix for Everyone

What the megastar has in store for us on his new release.



Just about every song David Guetta releases becomes a hit all around the world. His fame and talent has earned him a World Music Award for best DJ in 2007, and a Billboard Award for top dance and electronic artist in 2016.

His newest album, “7,” was released last Friday, September 14, and is good from start to finish. As a DJ,  Guetta artfully and freely combines well-known songs and customizes them to create something dynamic, capturing your attention by giving it a different sound or effect.

The first track “Don’t Leave Me” features the enchanting voice of Anne-Marie. This track instantly sends vibes up and down your spine. It’s a great beginning, and it’s almost like the album is luring the listener in, telling you not to leave it.

David Guetta specializes in his instrumentals, as he demonstrates in this album. Similar to Alex Dolby and Kernkraft 400 , Guetta creates an immersive experience by electrifying beats and extending it into something unheard of. Guetta is a master of finding the right instrumental rhythm without relying on vocals.

The track “Goodbye” featuring Willy William and Nicki Minaj is a unique piece, that takes different styles in lyrics and combines them into a solid track. It’s a nice blend of electronic and hip-hop, two genres that when put together can create a whole new one. The beat plays well with Nicki Minaj’s swift lyrics, and helps her voice stand out, demonstrating that Guetta can play to another artist’s strengths and empower his collaborators. With this track, you definitely won’t be saying goodbye to the dance floor any time soon.

“Like I do” is another groovy jam that adds a good feel to this great album. The song is even better when you watch the official video on David Guetta’s Youtube channel. Producers and artists, take note of the impressive combination of color and choreography on this one:

“Para Que Te Quedes,” featuring J Balvin, is a nice touch for fans of the Spanish language. J Balvin is well known for his ability to sing, and appears in EDM songs and Bachata alike. J Balvin’s tracks are always romantic in some way, whether from the rhythm or Spanish lyrics, which are almost always of a romantic nature. David Guetta does a great job in making the beat smooth to play along well to the strengths of the vocalist. Much like the title of the song, it certainly wants you to stay and listen. 

David Guetta’s “7” is certainly worth a try for a party, tuning up the energy in the room. Guetta’s songs are brought to life with imagery and choreography in his music videos, certainly adding to the appeal of this new album.

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