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Album Review: ‘Arrive Without Leaving’ Is Both Unconventional and Euphoric

Entering unexplored and unsettled territory.

Dallas Acid, a band based out of Austin and has no ties to the city of Dallas, is set to release their third euphoric project titled, “Arrive Without Leaving” on October 12. This is not your ordinary album full of bops you will bump at the gym, nor is it the album you will be able to sing your heart out to in the shower. No, “Arrive Without Leaving” aims to take the audience through a sonic experience without the conventional recipe of a hook and a chorus.

“Arrive Without Leaving” is a collaborative effort between artists LARAAJI and OceAnanda, that contains five songs ranging anywhere from five to seven minutes of complete exploration and instrumentation. No words, no standard chords progressions; just a journey of acoustics through synthesizers, flutes, chimes, gongs, and any other sound it may take to create the right energy. The album was recorded after a six-hour session that was condensed into what listeners will get to observe, according to an inside source from Flying Moonlight.

From their entrance song “Evening Reduction,” to the closing of the exploration, “Full Moon Serenade,” the entire record plays seamlessly flowing with the fades of synth echoes to bridge the gap. The long cuts allow ears to adjust to enter the realm of the group’s creative apex but it may take a few listens or different settings to get acquainted with. There is a feeling of exclusion as a listener if you are not in the physical or mental space  to ascended to higher heights with the trio musically. That is not to say all chakras need to be aligned to simply listen to the album, but it make take a few tries and different settings to follow the vibes.

But as a musician, this could also be the reality that creating the music sometimes means more than simply listening or analyzing. The euphoria of the band’s music does not call for burning incense and sitting down to meditate while listening, but just an appreciation of musicians willing to create what takes them higher. So if you happen to be that somebody that wishes to listen to a combination of surreal sounds, tired of the repetitive chorus, and are not afraid to listen to an artist that is not on a trending page, check out “Arrive Without Leaving.”

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