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Album Review: Marty Thompson’s My Kind Of Woman

This short album is a wild ride, full of highs and lows.

College Media Network Album Review: Marty Thompson's My Kind Of Woman

A new week, a new album. This time I am reviewing Marty Thompson’s My Kind Of Woman, a Texas based two-piece rock band. Marty Thompson sings and plays virtually all the instruments, except for the drums, who are done by Eric Warwick. Described as “a futuristic, original modern rock album with a powerful production – blending real instruments, synthesizers, experimental pads, and multi-layered vocals“, this could be an interesting listen. It’s also a shorter album at only seven songs.

First up is the opening track, “Hope Is A Waking Dream”. It has some nice opening bass presence, reminding me of Hawkwind’s “To Love a Machine”. There’s a weird effect on the guitar, which I don’t like the tone of. The vocals and percussion are decent, but nothing special. Let’s move on to the next track and see how that one is.

“Paint What You Think” has a cool 60’s organ sound, and a slight punk sound with the guitar rhythm. It’s a bouncy fun track, definitely better than the first one.

The title track, “My Kind of Woman” features elements similar to Levitation Room’s “Reasons Why”, with the echo-y guitar tone and psychedelia. There’s also a long guitar solo, which I love. A premier rock track.

“Lush” is the filler track of the album, mainly a short guitar instrumental peppered with the sounds of a bar or restaurant in the background. There’s some spoken word, but it doesn’t really add anything to the track. The guitar tone and percussion are good, but they’re really the only thing I like in this one.

“Patience” is another short track, this time following the surf rock sound. There’s not much variety in the track, making me glad it’s so short.

“Pebbled Shore” is a solid rock track, with a repeating keyboard pattern in the background. Also, there at least three guitars present through out the track, starting with electronic, then adding acoustic, then all three intermingle during the solo. That was some nice complexity.

The finisher, “Mczebra” is a purely instrumental track. It’s also the longest on the album, clocking in at seven minutes. Great psychedelia, solid riffs, good electronic effects, melodic complexity, this is clearly the best track on the album.

Marty Thompson’s My Kind Of Woman wasn’t quite what I expected. I loved two of the tracks, two were pretty good, while three I didn’t like very much. However, the two best were really good. “Mczebra” and “My Kind of Woman” both stole the show, making up for some of the lesser tracks.

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