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Annual San Francisco Pride Parade a Major Success

Nearly one million gathered to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride in San Francisco.

Emilie Krone



This year’s San Francisco Pride Parade went off without a hitch, with over 280 groups participating and nearly one million in attendance. The theme, “Generations of Strength” was utilized consistently across floats, displays, and performances. Veterans, church groups, and cheerleading teams, LGBT support groups, television networks, and other major companies paraded down Market Street, accompanied by upbeat music and vibrant colors.

The parade began in the city’s famous Embarcadero, following a straight path in the direction of the Castro District. The route ran straight across Market Street, beginning at Beale St. and ending at 8th. Just beyond the parade route’s end, San Francisco City Hall was adorned with rainbow flags, spelling out the word PRIDE.

Many prominent California politicians were in attendance, including U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, who commended this year’s theme for its political relevancy. San Francisco Mayor-Elect, London Breed, was also featured in the parade.

Grand Marshalls of the event — chosen by the SF Pride Board of Directors or through public vote — featured a mix of celebrities and community leaders. They included Kin Folkz, prominent Bay Area activist and CEO of Spectrum Queer Media, and Our Lady J, a transgender writer and performer who currently works as a writer and producer for the new FX series POSE. In addition to Grand Marshalls, local activists were honored with awards in categories such as service, community, and creativity.

Beyond the theme of LGBTQ+ Pride, parade participants also rallied for other causes, such as gun and immigration reform. Brightly colored signs with the phrases “Disarm Hate” and “Keep Families Together” were carried up by dozens of marchers.

Behind the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium — which marked the end of the parade route — stages and booths were assembled, and spectators were invited to celebrate with food and music. Speakers and performers took up several stages, while food and clothing vendors lined the streets. Participants were asked for a donation of $1 to $5. Money went toward funding the event. In the past, leftover sums have been donated to various local LGBTQ+ non-profits.

This year’s parade marks another successful closing to San Francisco’s longstanding Pride Month traditions.

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Emilie Krone is a rising junior at Emerson College majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Publishing. She writes for the fashion section of a school lifestyle magazine, and one day would like to be a published YA novelist.

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