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Autumn Miller Three Questions

Music with feeling, emotion, and passion are what makes a great musician.

Participants in our Music Journalism Course are answering three questions related to music and writing. Once they respond, they post three questions for someone else. It keeps going like that. You can see all the questions and answers here. Tag, you’re it. 

Charlotte Kohlberg  posed three questions for Autumn Miller after she answered three questions from Alessandra Guaneri.

CK: If you could interview anyone from history who would it be?

AM: Without a doubt Matty Healy. I know, hearing more about me and The 1975. Healy has always been someone super interesting to me. The 1975 has always written their own songs and you can tell that there’s so much raw emotion and genuine feeling in the lyrics.

I want to take a deeper look into Matty’s mind and see where this creativity comes from. Being one of my favorite artist it would be a dream to discuss all things The 1975 with him. 

CK: Do you think music streaming platforms (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) is helping or hurting artist?

AM: I think they’re helping artist tremendously. Especially with Spotify doing the playlist like new music Friday or discover weekly. It’s able to get a lot more exposure for the artist that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Without Spotify or Apple Music I wouldn’t know more than half the artist I listen to now. I think it may be hurting artist by not being able to make a large/independent profit off of their music like they would if they were selling it individually.

On the other hand, artist are able to put their music on a platform where fans don’t necessarily pay for the music. They’re paying for the monthly subscription fee to an unlimited amount of music instead of the individual songs. 

Spotify and Apple Music is changing the way artist can get exposure in the music industry. People are able to follow their friends or other artist and see what they’re listening to. One small artist makes it onto someone’s playlist, then someone else’s and next thing you know the song has over 10k listens. 

CK: What do you think makes a great musician? Why?

AM: I think a great musician is someone who is passionate about what they create. I had a professor for a few classes and he always talked about how important being passionate about what you do is. He taught me that if you aren’t doing something you love, you will never truly get anything “done.”

After learning this, once I started to write music reviews I noticed I always appreciated music more when I could tell the artist was in it wholeheartedly. Some people make music just to make music, it might sound catchy but whenever you hear the artist talk about their music I’ve noticed it seems like they don’t really know what they’re talking about.

Music with feeling, emotion, and passion are what makes a great musician.

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