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Bands FC Creates a new Style at the Intersection of the Arts

Bands as soccer teams and soccer teams as bands



Everyone likes to mix it up right? Some of us like mixing our drinks, some mix up our fantasy drafts, we might even mix up our music libraries.

Bands FC has hit the shuffle button combining the world of music and sports, through innovative art.

AC/DC, Foo Fighters, and Motorhead are among the bands getting a design makeover. The Bands FC team combine designs from global soccer clubs and connect them to bands, either through an iconic design or by location.

People all over the world know and love soccer, and of course, music plays an important role in getting people excited for matches. Artists gain international exposure by having their hits played at games across the world.

Bands FC has created something to tie both of these amazing things together through cool badges and posters.

Through November 22, there is a Bands FC exhibition at the National Football Museum in Manchester, England — an impressive display of their art.

You know who most of these bands are — and if you don’t these designs will engage you and make you want to learn more about them. The same goes for the soccer clubs they are paired with.

They have a full schedule of exhibitions on their website, and cool stuff for sale, too, if you’re looking for something to spice up your fall fashions or to hang up in your room or study area.

The idea was brought to life by Mark Liptrott of Concrete Studio and Nick Fraser, who works with English band The Charlatans. Their concept was simple: “Bands as football teams and football teams as bands.”

Take a look at the below video for a fun animation featuring some of their cool work for bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Wu Tang Clan.

As the reporter mentions, “figuring out the link” between the team and the band is the fun part. Those links bring out many different opinions, and points of views, leading to some intriguing conversations.  There are many possibilities that Bands FC have raised with their designs.

Music impressive art on its own, of course, spanning decades of history in a multitude of genres. Bands FC has demonstrated that art is like a family, every type links to one another in more ways than one. Cheers to creating.

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Adrian is a graduate of the writing studies, and creative entrepreneur. A dedicated writer through many different genres. Interested in a career in writing, music, and design.

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