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College Students Listen Up— These Bed Sheets Don’t Need To Be Washed

One less thing for college students to worry about without feeling guilty (or gross)!

Look out college students— put down the laundry detergent. You may never have to wash your bed sheets again.

Introducing Beantown Bedding, a company created by two concerned mothers in Boston after learning how little their college kids wash their sheets. After brainstorming this idea, Kirsten and Joan received help with product development and testing from 22 universities across the country to create laundry-free sheets, that not only feel great, but are great for the environment.

Beantown Bedding’s sheets derive from plants and are a lot softer than you’d imagine. The sheets are so versatile, and can be used one night or for multiple weeks. After you’re ready to ditch them, they can be recycled with textiles or composted. Talk about eco-friendly!

What started as an idea for college students has now blossomed into a vision for businesses around the world, as hospitals and hotels have taken an interest in Beantown Bedding’s sanitary and convenient product.

When I first received my sheets, I was shocked by how soft they were for disposable sheets. Now you obviously are not getting the exact same comfort as new cotton linens, but for a product that came from plants, they are surprisingly soft!

This would be a great product if you host a lot of guests at your dorm or apartment. You can always have sheets at hand, without having to worry if you have a clean set.

A one-time purchase for a twin XL set of sheets is only $19.99, and prices vary depending on the size of the bed.

If you have a college student in mind that would benefit from this genius invention, be sure to visit  For each subscription you purchase, Beantown donates a set of sheets to organizations that make a social impact. Purchase bedding from a company that benefits you and others in need. 

Stay updated on all things Beantown by following their Instagram, @beantownbedding.

Disclaimer: This product was gifted but all opinions are the writer’s own.

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