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Today is February 13th. To some it means the last day to get gifts or dates, to other it’s galentine’s day, a day to celebrate the paltonic love in your life. For many people who identify as Black or African American, it is Black Love Day. 

Black Love Day is an alternative to Valentine’s Day. It was created as an alternative to Valentine’s Day. Black Love Day was started in 1993 by “Ayo Handy-Kendi, who is also the founder of the African American Holiday Association. Her non-profit aims to preserve black culture. Her plan was to create a day for black people to spread love during a time of the year that is all about love. 

In recent years as many blacks attempt to reclaim their identify and culture this day has taken off. Social media has been a major player in the gaining popularity of this day. The #BlackLoveDay on Twitter and Instagram is filled with stories and pictures celebrating black love. 

It is an idea that seems so simple but is so important. All throughout history Black love has been attacked and destroyed and this day seeks to reclaim some of what was lost in a simple way. 

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