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Podcast Review: ‘Bobbycast’ Interview with Ashley Gorley

Making listeners feel as if they are right there in the living room.

Editor’s note: As part of CMN’s ongoing music journalism program, we asked our team of music writers to choose a single episode of a podcast about music to review . The choices were electric and interesting. Check out all the podcast reviews by browsing our music section

Bobbycast is a podcast that Bobby Bones — a radio personality best known for his nationally syndicated Bobby Bones Show from Nashville, Tenn. — does from his home. He talks with the songwriters, producers and publishers of country music.

As a subscriber to this iHeartMedia podcast, I admire Bones’ everyman personality and his ability to bring out the best in Nashville personalities, while making listeners feel as if they are right there in the living room with them.

In episode 132, Ashley Gorley joined Bobby to discuss the 37 number one (and counting) country hits he’s written. In addition to numerous awards, he’s also had 300 songs recorded — by the likes of Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, and Old Dominion .

Bobbycast is mainly appealing for it’s casual nature. It’s not formulated around an 8-minute, restrictive on-air interview designed only for promotional purposed, full of over-asked questions.

Bones constructs his interviews in a homey and folksy way: Gorley and Bones and Gorley embark on a conversation that feels like overhearing a conversation between good friends. It’s appealing for the humble backstories of successful figures who have made it through pure passion and drive.

“What is it about you that is special as a creator?” Bobby casually inquires. “What separates you from everybody else?”

“Hopefully it’s my ability to work with a lot of different artists and get them to where they want to be,” Gorley replies. “I never wanted to be in the spotlight. I didn’t come here to be an artist.”

Gorley gives an inspirational, informative look into the behind-the-scenes world of Nashiville songwriting. As I delve into this episode of Bobbycast, headphones in, walking down Broad Street in Philadelphia, Gorley makes it clear that not not everyone cut out to be a recognizable, acclaimed artist. He makes it understandable that there is a growing market of writers signed to publishing companies and explains how writers receive payments for their music.

He talks about his beginnings as a business student at Belmont University, to interning at various music industry locations, and leaving his homemade EPs on the last day of work. Finally, he details writing a hit that landed in the top 50 Billboard chart, before to waiting seven years for another.

Now, Ashley Gorley needs more than one set of hands to count all of his number one singles.

As always, the Bobbycast delivered the goods.

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