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Cengage to Host Q&A About Why Textbooks Cost so Much

Have you ever drained your savings to pay for that Statistics book?

Textbooks are the biggest source of financial stress for college students after tuition; college textbooks and course materials average at about $1200 per semester, according to College Board. These outrageous costs have led 87% of students to report that textbooks are overpriced, leading them to waste hours of time researching cheaper options. Education company Cengage, focused on helping students succeed, is here to do something about the epidemic.

Michael Hansen, CEO of Cengage, is hosting a virtual press conference for student reporters about why this is, and how students can make their college experience more affordable. He will be joined by Cengage EVP Sharon Loeb in discussing Cengage’s new online textbook subscription service, Cengage Unlimited.

The session will take place on Tuesday, September 11, at 1PM EST. Registration for the Q&A closes on Monday, September 10, and can be found here. 

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