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Cengage to Introduce eTextbook Component within Cengage Unlimited

Every college student uses textbooks. And since becoming available commercially in August 2018, Cengage Unlimited has been a way for students to access textbooks and educational materials, with more than two million subscriptions sold. 

This week, according to a press release, Cengage announced they will offer an eTextbook option within Cengage Unlimited, giving students access to more than 14,000 ebooks, study tools and more for $69.99 a semester. Coming out in August 2020, Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks will also include free access to college success and career support, including activities related to resume-building, financial literacy and time management.

“While I’m encouraged that college affordability remains an important part of the national economic debate, the reality is that paying for college is about more than tuition,” said Michael E. Hansen, Cengage’s CEO.  “New models like Cengage Unlimited, the industry’s first all-access subscription for textbooks and course materials, are making an impact, yet too many students still face obstacles when trying to access and pay for college.

“That’s why we will be offering students an eTextbook option within Cengage Unlimited. It is designed to support students who need additional options that fit their learning needs and budgets, yet don’t need a full Cengage Unlimited subscription that includes online homework access codes. And it’s accessed via the subscription model that students have overwhelmingly embraced in other areas of their lives,” Hansen continued.

In addition to the ebooks and other tools, those who prefer having a print version of their textbook will b able to order up to four print textbook rentals for $7.99 each with free shipping. Students can also upgrade to a full Cengage Unlimited subscription that includes online homework access codes/courseware.

To date, students have saved $125 million using the subscription. These savings are expected to grow to $160 million by the end of the current school year.

Starting this month, students can also access all of their Cengage etextbooks offline via the free Cengage Mobile App. Available on iOS and Android devices, the app provides offline e-reader capabilities, allowing students to download entire eTextbooks to their smartphone and once downloaded, they can highlight, make notes, search and bookmark the reading material, even offline. In addition to e-reader capabilities, the Cengage Mobile app provides organizational tools, study materials and push notifications to help students stay on track.

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