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Cengage Unlimited Now Includes Free Financial Literacy Resources

Adding tools to keep students money savvy.

College is expensive. Financial times are tough. Those two statements add up to one important fact: Any family taking the four-year college plunge needs all the information they can get.

And with a recent report finding that nearly half of today’s students say managing their money is their biggest worry, Cengage could be the way to make your four-year college ride as smooth as possible.

College Media Network Cengage Unlimited Now Includes Free Financial Literacy Resources

“With student debt levels at $1.5 trillion and growing, it’s no wonder that students are worried about their finances,” said Michael E. Hansen, CEO of Cengage, in a recent press release. “Yet by taking the time to plan and become financially literate, students will develop more confidence in their ability to manage their money.”

Cengage focuses on college success and career support activities, and their Cengage Unlimited subscription — which gives students access to more than 22,000 products — gained even more value with the news that it now includes six financial literacy tutorials:

1. Common Credit Terms: helpful definitions to learn the difference between terms like annual percentage rate and interest rate

2. Managing Student Loans: information on different loan types

3. Organizing Financial Paperwork: tips for keeping organized to stay on budget

4. Saving an Emergency Fund: how many months of expenses should be considered

5. Spending Less Money: obvious and not-so-obvious ways to save

6. Taking Control of Your Credit Cards: information about managing cards and avoiding pitfalls

Over a million Cengage Unlimited subscriptions have been sold and student savings are expected to reach $160 million by the end of this academic year, according to the company.

For more information about Cengage Unlimited, or to purchase a subscription visit:

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