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Cengage Unlimited Saves Students Millions

By Victoria Robertson

Cengage Unlimited now has over two million subscriptions sold since August of 2018, and it’s quickly redefining how students learn through textbook access and usage of course materials.

In total, students have saved over $125 million in using the subscription service, which includes unlimited use subscriptions for ebooks, online homework access codes and study guides, according to a recent press release.

And that’s not where savings end! The expected growth by the end of the 2020 academic year is $160 in savings!

According to Michael E. Hansen, CEO of Cengage, “The college affordability crisis is impacting students and colleges across the country. It’s clear the entire ecosystem must pursue innovation to deliver students more value for their money. That’s why we created Cengage Unlimited: to offer students affordable access to quality learning materials and other resources needed to excel in their studies, graduate and find a job. The number of subscribers and savings to date shows that Cengage Unlimited is making a real difference for them.”

The truth is, college tuition is a huge financial stressor, and a Cengage Unlimited subscription is $119.99 a semester for over 22,000 products, demolishing the cost of textbooks and other course materials.

Through usage of Cengage Unlimited, schools such as the University of Alabama have seen savings of over $1.8M and schools such as the University of Illinois have seen savings of $256 per student.

According to Kelly Hinson, an instructor at Gaston College, “I couldn’t believe that a publisher had come up with a subscription model that makes an even playing field for students of all backgrounds. It’s not just saving money on books, because those savings spill into the lives of our students. Now they have more money for living expenses.

So how can you save with Cengage?

Visit the Cengage Savings Map or get more information on Cengage Unlimited here.

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