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Cherub Brings the Heat to South Carolina

A playful yet intense energy that was incomparable.

College Media Network Cherub Brings the Heat to South Carolina

In the midst of South Carolina’s coldest weather in months, Cherub brought the heat to the capital city of Columbia with an evening of pure bliss on January 22. 

The indie-techno duo consists of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, and they performed with an eclectic energy incomparable to any show I’ve ever seen.

The show took place at Columbia’s The Senate, a venue that gave the performance an intimate feeling. One thing I loved about The Senate was how open the space was, making for a fun pre-show as I got to know the people standing around me. The couple next to me shared that they had seen Cherub live five times already, and immediately I was excited to be around people with such a deep love for the band.

After trying to catch Cherub for the last four years, I had nothing but high expectations for the evening. 

Cherub did more than deliver. 

After a stellar performance by the opening act, Mosie, the house lights dimmed as the stage lit up and Jordan carried Jason and dragged him across the stage while the crowd cheered. 

From the second their set started, the duo immediately gave off a playful yet also intense energy. Between not wearing shoes and having the two of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen, Jordan and Jason had a dynamite stage presence that could have lit up the entire city. 

College Media Network Cherub Brings the Heat to South Carolina
photo by Cece Starkman 

The show was alive with the energy of the crowd. The fans were feeding off of Cherub’s enthusiasm, and Cherub was feeding off of theirs.

Not only was their stage presence on fire, but their chemistry with each other is what made the set so enthralling. The duo clearly had a deep connection with each other and on every song, Jason and Jordan couldn’t help but hype up the crowd, whether it be by holding hands with the front row or leaning on each other as they played their instruments.

“Dear Body,” from their 2013 album titled “MoM & DaD,” was the evening’s highlight.  Jason and Jordan took a step back and slowed the tempo and focus.  Hearing “Dear Body” live left me with an afterglow of radiance that I hope never dulls. 

After reliving the show through photos and videos on my phone for the last few days, all I can say now is that if you have the opportunity to see Cherub live, seize it.

Their free-spirited energy mixed with their catchy songs and amazing crowd interactions made for an unforgettable evening.

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