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Christianity Is On The Decline In The United States of America

Americans are starting to loose their religion.

Christianity nationwide in the United States is on the decline while religious none-affiliations and other faiths are rising according to a recent October 2019 public opinion research study conducted by the Pew Research Center. Between 2007 and 2019, the amount of U.S. adults who identified as Christian decreased from 78% in 2007 to 65% in 2019. However, the amount of religiously unaffiliated or “nones” increased from 16% in 2007 to 26% in 2019.

Other religions and spiritualities such as Islam and Dharmic faiths are gradually on the rise due to prominence of the foreign national population from developing regions such as Asia and Africa as well as recent converts. 54% of American adults surveyed said that they have personally attended religious or spiritual services a few times a year or none at all. The study has also shown that people born between 1960 and 2000 and beyond are more likely to be religiously unaffiliated, whether they are spiritual but not religious or secular non-believers, as well as people living in the U.S. Northeast and West.

Many sociology experts believe that the rise of religious and or spiritual un-affiliations may be attributed to organized religion’s controversial and polarizing involvement in politics as well as social and cultural issues such as LGBTQIA+ rights and womens’ reproductive rights.

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