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ClassRanked Helps Students Handle Class Registration

Students feeling anxious and needing help picking their classes is something that happens at universities nationwide. was designed to alleviate the stress around the registration process and give students data so they can better decide which classes to choose, according to a recent press release

Hayden Hall, Dilan Trivedi, and Max Labaton are the cofounders of ClassRanked and are all very familiar with the difficulty of course registration. The three friends founded the site after spending hours going through outdated reviews, asking others for advice, and messaging different groups on campus to find their perfect class schedules.

They built the ClassRanked platform to offer students a way of seeing data provided from universities to make more informed decisions on course enrollment. Now, the site is available at over 400 colleges and universities, allowing students to see grade distributions so they can understand how students in past semesters performed in classes.

“We had faced the same problem millions of other students face each semester when choosing classes,” co-founder Hayden Hall said about the creation of ClassRanked. “We realized that students are left in the dark and wanted to give them a way of using objective data to perfect their schedules.” ClassRanked provides that solution to students: the ability to see past grade distributions by class and by professor, coupled with user reviews and course recommendation tools.

Unlike the typical class review sites, the ClassRanked platform does not rely on word-of-mouth experiences left by often disgruntled students. Rather user reviews can be used to contextualize the historical grading data that is offered by the class or professor. “For the first time ever, students can see how past classes performed and can use that to predict the difficulty and viability of a class for their schedule,” Hall continued.

Hall encourages students to join the more than 250,000 ClassRanked members who rely on the site as a must-use utility for students who are planning their academic futures and making the most of the investment they are making in higher education.

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