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Clippers Take Game Six From Warriors

Shooting an astounding 54.1 percent from the field and 57 bench points from two players, the Los Angeles Clippers silenced the Golden State Warriors, despite a 45 point performance from the Warriors’ Kevin Durant 

In an exciting finish, the underdog Clippers bruised it out and walked away with a 129-121 victory against the two-time reigning champs. Aside from their tremendous field goal percentage, free-throw efficiency nailed the coffin as the Clippers shot 24-26, an unthinkable 92.3 percent. 

Very much like yesterday’s Portland Trailblazers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game, the fourth quarter left fans white-knuckled and anxiety-ridden. 

Following a 3-foot driving dunk from Durant, the Warriors regained the lead for the first time since the second quarter, leading 118-117 with 2:40 remaining. On the night, Durant’s 45 points, a new playoff career high, came from 14-26 shooting and a remarkable 12-12 from the free throw line. 

Their brief glimpse of hope was shattered by the elusive bench star Lou Williams. Shining brightest on the biggest stage, Williams contributed eight unanswered points, swaying the momentum in Clippers favor as they led 125-118 with 1:27.

That’s all the upset wrote as the Clippers outscored the Warriors 12-5 within the last three minutes. Following Williams’ eight unanswered points, the Italian veteran Danilo Gallinari took over and closed down The Oracle. 

The power forward, coming off his best year in the NBA, scored the final four points from a jump shot and two free throws. Gallinari scored 26, a new playoff career high, on 9-22 shooting and 5-6 at the line. 

Referring back to Williams, he scored nearly a point per minute as he dropped 33 points in 34 minutes on an efficient 12-19 from the field, plus 8-9 from the line and 10 assists, all team-leading. 

The other 24 bench points came from power forward Montrezl Harrel on an outstanding 11-14 shooting. Going into game five, Harrel has been dominant this series, averaging 19 PPG and a playoff leading .738 field goal percentage. 

Point guard/menace Patrick Beverly and power forward JayMchal Green contributed 32 points combined, including a 14 rebound performance from the 6-foot 1-inch Beverly. 

Out of the Warriors’ 121 points, 91 of those points came from their knockout trio: Durant, point guard Stephen Curry, and shooting guard Klay Thompson. The three found success from the three-point line as they shot 13-28, but the other players did not, shooting an abysmal 2-11.

No player on the Warriors had more than ten rebounds or assists, yet every player tallied at least two rebounds. They too had a near-perfect night from the free-throw line, shooting 90.9 percent on 20-22.

Both teams limited their turnovers to 18 combined; Williams having a game-high five turnovers. Even though the Warriors had 15 offensive rebounds to the Clippers nine, it proved not enough.

Game six travels to the Staples Center, Los Angeles, on April 26, providing a potential Clippers’ redemption after losing both games at home this series. 

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