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Bonus CMN Vibes: Space Force Party Playlist

“We must have musical dominance in space. So important.”

Anna-Maria Rahkonen



On Monday, President Trump announced his intention of creating a “space force” in an effort to foster an American dominance beyond the physical limits of our planet. While this is unlikely to occur due to legal limitations, this announcement has brought some attention to space travel and what exactly goes on up there.

Whether the idea of a “space force” excites you or you simply need a break from earthly tribulations, CMN has got you covered with a playlist full of tracks that are sure to get your head in the stars.

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Anna is a rising junior at The University of Alabama majoring in Creative Media with a minor in Art History. She served as the Music Director at her campus station, WVUA, and was an employee at Tuscaloosa's only record store, Oz Music. She is currently living Tampere, Finland, where she is an exchange student in the Media & Arts program at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Anna enjoys comedy, collecting records, and getting excited about recycling.

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