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College Professors Find Trump is the Worst President in History

Lincoln, Washington and F.D.R. are the top three, with Obama making a huge jump in the rankings.

Professors Brandon Rottinghaus — political science at University of Houston — and Justin Vaughn — director of the Center for Idaho History and Politics at Boise State University —  conducted a survey of 170 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents and Executive Politics section and came to conclusion that Donald Trump is the worst president in American history.

The previous worst, James Buchanan, jumped above Trump. The results were published in the New York Times yesterday.

According to Rottinghaus and Vaughn, “Since our previous survey in 2014, some presidential legacies have soared (Barack Obama’s stock has climbed into the Top 10), while others have fallen (Andrew Jackson toppled to 15, out of the Top 10).”

The professors also asked the members who should be next to be immortalized on Mt. Rushmore (Franklin Delano Roosevelt by a long shot), and broke down the votes by party affiliation. The Republican scholars ranked Trump 40th, with Buchanan and William Henry Harrison at the bottom.

The good news for President Trump is that he’s still got several years to bring up his standing before the next survey.

Here’s the list:

1. Lincoln
2. Washington
3. F.D. Roosevelt
4. T. Roosevelt
5. Jefferson
6. Truman
7. Eisenhower
8. Obama
9. Reagan
10. L.B. Johnson
11. Wilson
12. Madison
13. Clinton
14. J. Adams
15. Jackson
16. Kennedy
17. G.H.W. Bush
18. Monroe
19. McKinley
20. Polk
21. Grant
22. Taft
23. J.Q. Adams
24. Cleveland
25. Ford
26. Carter
27. Van Buren
28. Coolidge
29. Hayes
30. G.W. Bush
31. Arthur
32. B. Harrison
33. Nixon
34. Garfield
35. Taylor
36. Hoover
37. Tyler
38. Fillmore
39. Harding
40. A. Johnson
41. Pierce
41. A. Johnson
42. W.H. Harrison
43. Buchanan
44. Trump

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