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Track Review: Color TV ‘Fix It’

The closest thing you’ll hear to old school skate punk this side of the 2000’s.

College Media Network Track Review: Color TV 'Fix It'

Like something from soundtrack of the nostalgic Tony Hawk franchise, Minneapolis punk band, Color TV, are the closest thing you’ll hear to old school skate punk this side of the 2000’s.

This Frankenstein’s monster of a four piece consists of members from bands, The Retainers, Cheap Time, and Welcome Home

Walker, and have spent the last four years gaining a cult like following both in and outside of their hometown. This following was finally treated to a legitimate album last October by the bands self titled debut LP.

The 10 tracks on this record offer a blast from the past by paying tribute to 60’s punk-rock with their fast paced vocal delivery, catchy guitar riffs and stripped down old school production value.

Standing out as the albums top track it’s third offering entitled “Fix It”. This song doesn’t waste time, and instead jumps right in with a high octane riff which quickly gives way to the songs highly energetic vocals. “Fix it” trades in cliche tropes like traditional song structure and instrumental solos for quick start stop tempo changes punctuated by a medley of catchy chords and repetitive chants to drive the lyrical message home.

Speaking of the lyrics, contrasting the punk tracks upbeat vibe however is the sinister subject matter “Fix It”. “I don’t like you enough to try and fix it That’s the problem You take way too much I can’t give it” the songs opening lyrics quickly create a window into the broken relationship between the band’s frontman and a former childhood friend.

“It was about a friend who I was once very close with, played in a band with, moved from Colorado to Oregon with, and shared many of my fondest early-20s memories with. Yet, soon after we moved to Portland together, he started to change.”

The tale of this track has a tragic ending as the the songs subject passed away prior to it’s writer having the opportunity to “Fix It”.

“I often found myself thinking I should reach out to him so we could grab a coffee or just listen to records. When I heard about his death I was shocked and felt a million guilty feelings about our friendship that, clearly, I’m still dealing with. But definitely amongst the top 5 regrets I’ve had.”

Blink and you’ll miss it, the minute and half long song is action packed and sucks the listener in only to end just as abruptly as it begins.

Boasting their first full length record and playing it with a mission to bring back old school grimy garage rock, it’ll be interesting to watch  where the twin city punk outfit goes from here.


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