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Congress Needs Push to Implement AIWA for College Students

By Victoria Robertson

College students tend to be unconcerned with politics, especially those regarding retirement, given the fact that most college students are a minimum of 40 years away from retiring.

That being said, there are options available to you for retirement now, it’s just a matter of reaching out to Congress to push for them.

According to a recent press release, the American Independent Wealth Account (AIWA) can integrate with the Social Security Retirement (SSR) system in order to help individuals build personal wealth in a national, mutual fund.

This AIWA system would build a pool of investment money from SSR tax dollars of working Americans, allowing them to actually take stock in this investment pool.

In the current system, SSR money withheld from paychecks is concerned tax money, through which contributors don’t see a dime, young or old.

With AIWA, these shares would be your personal property, as is the case with any other retirement funds that you currently (or plan to) contribute to.

In an ideal state, you would even be able to track your shares on your smartphone to stay as up to date as possible with your accounts.

However, in order to push AIWA into effect, we, unfortunately, need assistance from Congress.

For this reason, make sure you are speaking with your friends, family, co-workers, classmates and Congress members to push for this system.

For more information on the system itself, visit the CST site. When speaking with Congress, you can specifically reference sections four and five.

Help implement change and ensure that your retirement savings are working for you, and not being taken away from you!

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