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EP Review: Jane in Space’s Gorerunner

This industrial rock EP is a small yet inventive package.

Kevin Ashley



We’ve got another electronic release for you today. This time, it’s Jane in Space’s EP, Gorerunner. I’ve heard this is electro-industrial, which immediately brings up comparisons of Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, et cetera. The description says otherwise: “Gorerunner takes the torch lit by industrial giants Nine Inch Nails and Ministry and provides the manic genre a fresh sound for our current age.

Ministry and Nine Inch Nails are both industrial rock, so we’ll see which one it actually is. Regardless, I am excited to hear this.

First up is the opening track, “Little Raurus”. This one is really short, just over two minutes. It reminds of stoner rock honestly with the deep, bass-y riffs, but the sample-filled brooding electronics are definitely a hallmark of electro-industrial. Interesting track, but the ending cutting off so suddenly is very jarring. I think this album is supposed to be listened to in a playlist rather than individually.

Next up is “Eat Your Face”. Poppy vocals contrast with dark electronics and noise accents, like an inversion of a radio-friendly hit. The vocal progression strangely reminds me of And One’s “Military Fashion Show”. There’s also an interesting little guitar solo to spice things up.

The opening of “Full Stop” has a jagged beat similar to Front Line Assembly’s “Dissension”, before transitioning to metallic percussion and piano accents. However, there’s not much variety throughout the track, as it’s more of a ballad than a pure industrial track.

Where “Full Stop” had some elements of a ballad,”Breaking Glass” is definitely a full ballad. Clear piano, melodic vocals, barely any industrial elements. There’s an ambient break in the middle, which redeems it slightly, but I feel this is a filler track through and through.

“Gorerunner” brings back the dark electric sound, with electronic kick drums and noise elements. So far, this is the purest industrial track sonically, and I really like the synthesized flute as well. Another great song with a synthesized flute is Biopsyhoz’s “ИМЕТЬ”. Best song on the EP so far.

The final track, “Thru the Virus” is a moody rock piece. The guitar tone has the stoner rock-esque sound again, and is accompanied by an industrial texture in the background. Similar to the first track.

This was an interesting little EP. Not necessarily electro-industrial (I am a genre stickler after all), but more along the lines of experimental industrial rock. Most of the songs had interesting aspects, with the exception of Breaking Glass, so fans of post rock, industrial rock, or experimental rock in general should enjoy this.

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Kevin is a graduate from Central Washington University, where he was awarded a Bachelors degree in Professional and Creative Writing. He currently lives in Silverdale, Washington, where he explores new food and drink, goes to concerts, and works on personal projects.

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