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Five New Albums Coming Out in July and August That You Need to Hear

These are definitely not going to be a bummer in the summer.

Nicole Kitchens



We might have passed the halfway point of summer, but don’t start getting depressed about having to go back to school just yet. There are plenty of reasons to look forward to the rest of this month and August. Here are five:

The Lemon Twigs – “Go to School”

When The Lemon Twigs perform live, 21 year old Brian D’addario sings for half of the show. He stands in a Todd Rundgren-like manner as he sings and plays guitar. When he switches spots to drum with his 19 year old brother, Michael D’addario, you’re met with the youngest D’addario’s Keith Moon-esque thrashing. The two released their latest single “If You Give Enough” two days ago, and it’s the first single off of their follow up to 2016’s “Do Hollywood.” To be released on August 24th via 4AD, “Go to School” will be a rock opera, or as the Twigs call it, a “musical about a pure of heart chimpanzee.”

And who’s set to play the chimpanzee’s father? Todd Rundgren. Of course.

Ty Segall and White Fence – “Joy”

The last time the ever prolific Ty Segall released an album with White Fence (Tim Presley’s project), it was 2012’s “Hair,” which was a masterfully psychedelic take on typical garage rock (listen to the track “Time” and you’ll see what I mean).

They released the new single “Body Behavior” earlier this month. The full album “Joy” will be out on July 20th via Drag City, who just released the majority of their catalog on Spotify (praise the lord).

The Internet – “Hive Mind”

“If you Google what ‘Hive Mind’ means, it’s basically just a collective ego, a collective mind, you know, when people are together they have a collective mindset and I think that when we’re together we all have a common goal,” said Matt Martians, when asked about the meaning of The Internet’s newest album name. Literally just a couple of hours ago, the group dropped the track “La Di Da” from the July 20th release, after releasing singles “Come Over” and “Roll (Burbank Funk).” You know, just to torture us until the full release.

Houndmouth – “Golden Age”

Houndmouth released “This Party” back in May, a poppy groove of a track that was produced by Jonathan Rado of Foxygen and Shawn Everett, known for his work with bands like Alabama Shakes and The War on Drugs. Their newest album “Golden Age” will be released on August 3rd.

Gringo Star – “Back to the City”

Scheduled to be released on August 24th, Gringo Star’s “Back to the City” is the highly anticipated followup to “The Sides and In Between” (listen to the track “Rotten” here). They released single “Easy” on Spotify on June 7th, taking more of a pop vibe than their earlier stuff, but they still manage to hold onto the vintage nostalgia that their past music brought to the table.


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Nicole Kitchens is a Journalism major at the University of South Carolina. She is an avid music writer and once received an Instagram like from Keith Richards -- she hasn’t stopped talking about it since. To read more of her reviews and features, visit her blog: Also, follow her Hunter-Thompson-esque adventures on Instagram: @nicolekitchens

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